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The Buddha and his teachings have blessed the world with his messages conveying the need for peace, not just external needs but also for the inner peace within us. His teachings and the symbolic gestures have never been better portrayed but by Buddha statues. They reflect the perfection of Buddhist arts while representing inner peace, fortune and as inspiration to millions of followers of Buddhism in the world. The Buddha statues are revered across the globe for their sheer simplicity and beauty in portraying the enlightened one. These pieces of artifacts hold a deeper meaning for the ones following Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, as the Buddha statues are known to have inspired thousands of meditation enthusiasts in the world to attain their ultimate goal, enlightenment. These statues signify knowledge and compassion while also representing more general concepts like balance, peace, generosity, wisdom and self-discovery.

buddha statues

The Buddha statues, especially antique Buddha statues, are embedded with various mantras and chants, which are derived from various Buddhist principles like the Eightfold path and the Four Noble truths. These Buddha statues are created using various kinds of raw materials like wood, marble, lacquer, bronze and stone. Many are also constructed by combining these raw materials giving them a unique and rare look. Similarly, these antique Buddha statues carry their own stories, as they have been a part of ancient Buddhist cultures. The antique Buddha statues are known to have been a symbol of inspiration for the Buddhists all over Asia while also encouraging meditation enthusiasts to follow the Middle path of Buddha. The Buddha statues come in different shapes and sizes and depending upon the type of the statue, they depict different meanings. The Mudras of Buddha statues can identify these meanings. The different Mudras, or poses, of the Buddha, carry different meanings and make them special with the symbolic meanings they hold in Buddhism. They also serve as a great way to represent the Buddha in many religious ceremonies in Buddhist monasteries and temples.

There is no denial that the Buddha statues, with their intricate details and beauty, serve as an excellent object for decorative purposes. This is true for various art collectors and antique collectors, who are always looking for the Buddha statues, especially the antique Buddha statues, to add to their collection. These statues also symbolize prosperity and good luck to the owner of the statue. Coupled with Buddhist shrines, these statues can also serve as a miniature temple for the Buddhists to pay respect to the former prince turned spiritual leader. Having originated from various Asian countries like Nepal, Burma, Tibet, China, Japan, etc., the antique Buddha statues are famous for their unique features depending upon the era and region of origins.

Most of the Buddha statues are known to have portrayed the historical Buddha – Shakyamuni Buddha. But there have also been many statues of the Buddha that portrayed other Buddhas like Amitabha Buddha, who is one of the five dhyani Buddhas, according to the Buddhist mythology. These statues have their own unique characteristics based on the Mudras they depict and have a profound importance in the practice of Buddhism in countries like Nepal, Japan, China and other Buddhist nations.

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