Buddha statues

Buddha Statues hold a significant meaning for the followers of Buddhism. Not only they symbolize their mentor, the Buddha himself, but they also encourage and motivate the followers to follow the path of Dhamma through meditation. There are Buddha statues in various poses and with various hand gestures, which have different meanings and aspects of spiritual characteristics. The Buddha statues how the aspects of life, death, peace and much more. Buddha statues inspire the people to develop their inner qualities and character traits that bring happiness, joy, inner peace and contentment in their lives. There is a proverb that says "If they will put down a Buddha statue in a central place at home or in the office. Then inspiration and the image for the daily motivation, the knowledge of their own capabilities provide, necessary to lead a good life"

Symbol of the Buddha statues

reclining buddha image

As mentioned earlier, the Buddha statues hold the symbol of satisfaction within, peace and happiness. They are a symbol of inspiration for every human being. When we focus on the Buddha statues, it gives us inner peace that our mind, our heart and our soul gets enlightened. According to the great Buddhist Mythology , Buddha Statues can symbolize various subjects such as:

Buddha Statue: A Symbol of enlightenment

In ancient times the Gautama Buddha found the answer to all his questions by getting enlightened. He reached the state of enlightenment after leaving his royal life behind and through meditation.He meditated under a Bodhi tree, where he reached the state of enlightenment after many strenuous years of constant meditation. The Buddha statues describe the enlightenment and preache the teachings of life and death. Gautama, The Buddha additionally preached the four noble truths of life explained in Buddhism. These Four Noble Truths of life:

  1. Dukha [suffering]
  2. Samudaya [the cause of suffering]
  3. Nirodha [ the end of suffering ]
  4. Magga [the sweep of suffering ]

Buddha Statue - Imagine Faith

Faith is the inner strength that moves people to stand. In other words, faith is that which people hold in life and what they achieve while helping others to lead their lives. Self belief is the greatest weapon against suffering.

Buddha Statue - A Sign Of Hope

Buddha statues are also a sign of HOPE. Hope is the only thing people ever motivated to make an effort for themselves in their life.

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