Buddha Statues

Buddha statues are the symbol of inner peace, fortune and a motivational factor for every human being. Whenever we chant or look at the Buddha statue, it gives us some kind of internal satisfaction which enlightens our mind, heart and soul. According to Buddhist Mythology, Buddha statues are held as a symbol for many subjects. Not only these statues have a different meaning and but they symbolize one's inner feelings. They also have a big meaning for the ones who follow Buddhist meditation. Those who do, hold the statues of Buddha as a symbol of inspiration so as to attain the ultimate knowledge about life. Similarly, Buddha statues also signify enlightenment and compassion. These statues represent various Buddhist principles like the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths or more general concepts like wisdom, balance, peace, compassion and generosity, depending on the type of statue.

With various purposes of Buddha statues, we cannot deny how they are useful for decorative purposes for various art collectors across the globe, especially if they are antique and rare. Meanwhile, they give a big boost for your friends and families who follow Buddhism and its principles, making the Buddha statues the perfect gift for them.

All Buddha statues are different and depicts different meaning and they are known by the mudras (Poses) of Buddha. Different Mudras of Buddha has different meanings. These differences in the Mudras and Poses of the Buddha statues make them particularly special with the meanings they hold.

Buddha Statues from Southeast Asia

The Buddha statues we have for sale on our gallery come in various shapes and sizes with varying raw materials and the source of origins. Moreover, we have the largest collection of antique and rare Buddha statues dating from early 19th Century. These statues have served as symbol of contemplation, meditation and worship in numerous temples, homes and shrines over several centuries in different parts of the Asian countries.

These in our gallery are directly imported from various Southeast Asian countries. We travel a few months every year to many countries in Southeast Asia which are famous for their unique and rare Buddhist Art, to collect old and antique statues for our online gallery. The Buddha statues we bring to our gallery are original and purchased in a legal way. We don't have any policy of dealing with illegal statues. This policy has been clearly made so as to discourage the theft of these antique and rare statues. Therefore, there remains no more questions regarding the authenticity of the Buddha statues that you purchase from us.

As we travel quite often to many Asian countries which has helped us to create a huge network of Buddhist art dealers and have developed a good relationship with many monasteries, Buddhist temples and various personal collectors across the region. Because of that we can find most special and rare statues of Buddha and export them to our Buddha statue gallery in the Netherlands.

Statues of Buddha for Sale

We have purchased all of our Buddha statues in Southeast Asia by ourselves, directly from the people, Buddhist temples or monasteries that want to part with their Buddhist art. Because of that, we can offer our Buddha statues for very reasonable prices.

Antique Thai Buddha statue          Thai Buddha statues in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Besides rare and antique statues of Buddha, we also provide information about Buddhist art and culture.

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